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[ltr]best investment for small amounts markets: 1) Many of Мy shares offer a high dividend yield (over 10% per year), and you have the opportunity to make money and also the growth of the stock exchange itself. Among the high-dividend stocks from 2014 to 2015. Investors were able to select stocks with such quality. The company paid an interim dividend and annual stock and allow to make the share price rise, without waiting for the dividend payment period. 2) Investment in shares - an investment in the business success of the company, the size of which increases with time. 3) The basic reason for the stock - inflation and growth in the world consumption. Inflation is reflected in the nominal growth of corporate profits, which are the basis for calculating the value of their shares. Increasing prosperity in the developing countries and population growth to underpin prices for natural resources in the international market and create a steady demand for its products in the domestic market, contribute to the growth of corporate profits. 4, prices in the stock market is transparent and you can always track the dynamics of your portfolio at this time. 5) Investments in financial markets provide risk diversification, ie its distribution among many objects make up the portfolio. At a comparable volume of investments in real estate investment is more and therefore more risky. 6) Investments in securities consistent with the objective of long-term capital growth and allows to save for major purchases in the future (real estate purchase, education for children, etc.) Togliatti, Russian Federation[/ltr]

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